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Since 1957, Fitzgerald Finishing has grown into one of the largest metal finishers in the Midwest. Our reputation has been built on quality, service, and exceeding the needs of our customers and the industry that we serve.

As one of the largest metal finishers, Fitzgerald Finishing has specialized (since its first license in 1978) in the application of coatings which are engineered for repeatable frictional characteristics, extreme durability in the harshest environments, all with minimal to no risk of hydrogen Embrittlement Issues.

Fitzgerald Finishing not only invests in new technology and equipment but it's the people at Fitzgerald that make us who we are. This team environment encourages the sharing of ideas and finding resolutions to problems in a timely and responsive matter.
Our uncompromised quality and superior customer service are just two of the factors that have driven Fitzgerald Finishing to have the quality policy of 'one way, the best way'. Fitzgerald Finishing works closely with their licensors which allows us the access to all the latest technology enabling the utmost success when applying these engineered coatings to your fasteners and stampings. Our detailed procedures and documents promote reliability, responsibility, and continuous improvement within our facility. Fitzgerald Finishing is registered to and has and accredited laboratory to A2LA.
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ISO 9001:2008 Certification 2008-2018
Quality and our focus on customer service are the cornerstones of our business. When it comes to service, you will find us thorough, responsive, and timely. Our customers expect highly reliable products with zero tolerance for errors. With this in mind, it's not surprising that Fitzgerald Finishing and its customer base continue to grow together as industry partners in tackling the ever changing automotive industry. Fitzgerald Finishing is always looking for a better way to improve our processes to ensure our status as an industry leader. Our equipment features the highest capacity and throughput our customer's have come to expect from an industry leader. Our automated lean manufacturing work cells are the most economical and competitive approach to servicing the needs of our customers.
Fitzgerald Finishing does not stop with just the service. We also are concerned about the environment. Fitzgerald Finishing is in full compliance with all the governmental regulations regarding the application of these engineer coatings. We are sensitive and committed to providing a better tomorrow though our continual commitment to a cleaner environment.